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Crown Point Jail

The TIP team investigated the Crown Point Jail in Crown Point, IN on April 28, 2017. Investigating were Paul, Lesley, Madison and special guests Kaity and Deb. The size and enormity of the jail was rather breathtaking. In the past it has housed John Dillinger who famously escaped from the jail in 1934. Also, scenes for the movie about John Dillinger were also shot at the jail. The team started the night out with a tour of the jail. After our tour we started our investigation hitting many of the hot spots pointed out by our guide. One of the first hot spots we hit was Dillinger's jail cell. We set up KII's, recorders and a rem pod. We did not experience anything while we were in the jail cell. We then moved on to different areas of the jail to conduct Evp sessions. On the second floor, a laser system was set up and while conducting our EVP session there was movement in the laser system in the corner of the jail where we were told there was a lot of activity. The jail was amazing to investigate, but we did not have much activity while we were there. Next door is a pizza place and their food smelled amazing! We have said that when we return we will definitely be eating there. We also had noise contamination issues as there are 23 bars in downtown Crown Point.

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