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The Illinois Paranormalists (TIP) is a paranormal investigation team located in the Chicago, Illinois suburbs.  We are primarily a ghost hunting club that seeks out evidence of the paranormal in various locations though out the Midwest including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, and Wisconsin.  We share our evidence on this site for the enjoyment of our followers and other paranormal investigators.  We are open to others opinions, questions, and comments.    Thank you.

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Paul / Founder 

Like many of the TIP investigators I have a life-long interest in the paranormal. I grew up reading every book I could find on ghosts, big foot, the Loch ness monster, the Bermuda triangle, etc. I thought my interests would always be satisfied through the pages of books until the show Ghosthunters came on.  Then I realized there were others out there like me that were interested in the paranormal and experiencing it.  I began a web search and found all kinds of groups and information on ghost hunting.  I went on my first overnight 18 years ago in Indianapolis at the Hannah Mansion.  While looking for more ghost hunting opportunities I came across other overnight excursions and ghost hunting groups.  I began to attend all the meetings I could and went on excursions when offered.  I had experiences on the excursions that hooked me even more.  Perhaps the best thing I was able to do was go to the Waverly Hills Sanitarium—perhaps the most haunted place in the country.  While Waverly was not very active that night the creepiness factor was still 10 out of 10.  Nine years ago I formed The Illinois Paranormalists (TIP) and have enjoyed planning where to investigate.



I have been ghost hunting since 2005 when my Dad and I would attend midwest hunts together trying to find our way into the scene. Since then I have ghost hunted in many interesting places and helped my Dad with his group whenever possible. I have hunted (and slept!) in abandoned elementary schools, serial killer's houses, sanatoriums, underground railroad stops and even a beached and collapsing riverboat. Ghost hunting to me is as much a history lesson as it is the search for the paranormal and I hope to keep learning and searching for years to come.



Unlike the rest of the members of TIP I have neither had a personal experience or a lifelong interest in the paranormal.  However, I married Paul who does have a lifelong interest in the paranormal and my interest has grown through him.  Over the last ten years I have watched countless paranormal shows and heard Paul discuss clubs and investigations.  I have also watched video evidence and listened to his EVPs when possible.  I encouraged him for the last few years to form his own club.  Unfortunately due to my severe hearing loss I really can’t participate in investigations.  Meaning, if the lights are off and I also can’t hear I’m pretty limited in what I could investigate.  However, I wanted to be involved in the club so I do web and technical support and help review evidence.  I’m excited to be a member of TIP.



Craig has ghost hunted for many years.  He volunteers at a local historical society that is haunted.  He particularly enjoys our public hunts at the Rialto Theater in Joliet.



As a child I would have dreams that would later come true, then in 1990 I had a near death experience, where I died for 6 minutes and 46 seconds minutes during childbirth  Ever since then I have been interested in the paranormal. I currently live in a home that has had paranormal activity ,due to 2 deaths that occurred in the home.  I have been actively investigating since 1999.

I study all aspects of the unknown, heavy in research and in solutions using religious/non religious remedies. We are a evidence driven group and I feel that science and spirituality can and do go hand in hand



I’ve been into the paranormal since I was in 4th grade. From watching the tv shows, to visiting robber the doll and also participating in going on any lantern ghost tours around cities that I visit, it wasn’t until recently that I was finally able to go to places to do investigations. So far the best place that I enjoyed investigating was at the Old Joliet State Prison.


Gary and Jennie

(Makes for a great date night!). Gary started investigating first around 2005 after becoming interested in some of the paranormal tv shows.  Jennie started investigating in 2007 after an experience when a family member passed.  We have investigated homes, businesses and paranormal venues all over the country.   Joining TiP has felt like coming home.  The knowledge, integrity, compassion exhibited by the founder and other team members is beyond compare.



From my earliest memories, I have felt and seen spirits that others couldn't. I could even sense others' emotions and physical pain. To me, the presence of these spirits was as real as the ground beneath my feet, yet it puzzled me that I seemed to be the only one experiencing these phenomena. As I grew older, my curiosity drew me deeper into the realm of the paranormal. I immersed myself in books, articles, and documentaries on the subject, making it the main focus of my reading choices. It was a personal quest to comprehend what I had always known instinctually. Yet, despite my lifelong fascination, I was hesitant to engage in a paranormal investigation. This changed when my son, Andrew, convinced me to accompany him on one. To my surprise, I fell in love with it. Using scientific methods to corroborate what I had felt throughout my life was truly exhilarating. Today, I am honored to be a member of The Illinois Paranormalists, working alongside my son, Andrew. I'm thrilled to combine my innate abilities with scientific evidence, and I look forward to the countless paranormal adventures that lie ahead.



Shana is a paranormal investigator with at least 15 years of experience in the field. She enjoys the thrill of investigating haunted locations, researching historical landmarks and venues, and interacting and connecting with the spirits that inhabit them. She's also a writer and aspiring author, a witchy woman, and an Empath. She's a firm believer in showing spirits and locations respect, keeping their memory alive, and reaching out to them in a way that makes them comfortable to interact. Shana has been on My Ghost Story and several podcasts to share her experiences in the field



Hello there! My name’s Simone. I’ve been intrigued by all things paranormal since I was a child. Growing up Roman Catholic, I believe that there is more to life than what we experience in this realm, take stock in the idea of spirit guides and angels, and find comfort that death is not the end, but a transition. I am propelled by a curiosity in an afterlife, and emotionally intuitive to energies around me. The more I have looked and researched existence after death, the more I am convinced that it exists. Media like “Ghost Adventures” introduced me to the world of paranormal investigation. Many shows, YouTube channels, and a chance conversation later, I am not only invested but a part of it! Since I am a “baby” paranormal investigator, only truly starting my journey in April 2023, I aim to learn, keep an open mind, and lead with respect towards all souls. An avid crystal lover, I utilize my knowledge of energies to ground, protect, and cleanse whenever I am doing an investigation. (Quick tip: uses black tourmaline for protection, it’ll keep good energy in and bad energy out!). I am grateful to be a part of the TIP team and looking forward to what lies ahead! 



Embarking on my journey with The Illinois Paranormalists (TIP) in 2023 marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life, deeply influenced by my family’s connection to the unseen world. My childhood wasn’t typical, but filled with visits to haunted places and learning how to tune into the nonphysical, much like my parents. These experiences deeply shaped my perspective and gifted me with the ability to sense what lies beyond the ordinary. These gifts were further deepened in 2021 when I joined my first paranormal group and worked at a metaphysical shop as a psychic/reiki practitioner. At TIP, I’m thrilled to blend my natural sensitivity with a practical approach to scientific research, spirituality, and metaphysics. While I do use physical equipment, I believe that an investigator's own senses and intuition are the most powerful tools in understanding the paranormal. What makes this journey even more meaningful is experiencing it alongside my mother, who sparked my initial interest in the nonphysical. Outside of the paranormal, I have a range of interests including show tunes, history, writing, exploring bookshops, antique shopping, and exploring old houses (haunted or not). Professionally, as a Childcare Coordinator for a large park district, I help manage a childcare center and oversee a variety of youth programs. I’m truly thrilled to be a part of The Illinois Paranormalists, a team that shares my passion for finding answers about the unseen... and having fun while doing it!



My name is Julie. I have been a paranormal investigator for 10 years now. Ghosts, the paranormal world and “things that go bump in the night” have always intrigued me. I love the history associated with haunted locations. I have had a paranormal experience in a house I used to live in. This peaked my interest even more into the paranormal. I am excited for future investigations with the team.



D.O.B. 09/Feb./1961 Rich South H.S. Class of 79. Combat Veteran “Desert Shield “and “Desert Storm” , “Panama”, Rank of Sgt. Patrolman Park Forest P.D.  7 yrs. FireFighter Manteno 5yrs. Have a Son “Cody” who is a Paramedic . We Both have Paranormal Investigation experience with “Kankakee County Paranormal Investigations Team”. a.k.a. The “Pit Crew”.



I’ve been ghost hunting for years now. I didn’t start experiencing things until I became very ill in my 20s. I now live in Colorado where I am looking for other investigators . Oh and that I love my dog obviously.

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