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AC Clement House

In June 2018, the TIP team did a private investigation at the AC Clement home in Joliet, Il. This home is a beautiful home that is grand in size and has an interesting history. Arthur Charles Clement built this home in 1902. Unfortunately, Mr. Clement committed suicide before moving into the home. His daughter and her family moved into the home and lived there until 1922. After that, it was converted into a nursing home but that was shut down in the 1950’s due to reports of negligence. It was then turned into a funeral home which was in business until 1975 where it then became a single-family home again.

There have been many reports of this being a home with lots of paranormal activity. People have reported seeing apparitions, hearing voices, and smelling perfume. The team was very excited to be able to investigate this home. Some of our members have been there before and experienced paranormal activity. Upon arrival, we were greeted very warmly by the current owners. They gave us a very thorough tour of the home, pointing out the different hot spots in the home. The team set up cameras in various places around the home. Once we were satisfied with the cameras, we began our investigation. The equipment we used were recorders, K-II’s, ghost box, and Kinect camera.

The team spent many hours investigating this magnificent home and did not pick up anything on our equipment. We would love to visit again because the history is so rich in this home and there were a few areas we were unable to investigate.

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