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Amboy Depot Museum

On June 12, Lesley, Deb, Paul, and Madi investigated the Amboy Depot Museum, one room school. house, caboose, and industry building. We started with a great meal at the Depot Tap. We moved from building to building for our investigation. Only the depot was air conditioned and it was a blistering day. Investigating a caboose was a first for all of us. We did not discover any ghosts during our visit but learned mucn about the history of Amboy Illinois.

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Will Wozniak
Will Wozniak
Jul 31, 2023

Nice that you guys discovered the Amboy Depot...I was out there Last Saturday and soon as I walked through the door I was hit with energy....the most energy was coming from the upstairs bedroom.,,.breathing got heavy....dizzy...felt like I was ready to pass out!....Tried to get as many pics of the place , because I'm a Rail historian..I had a small chat with the lady volunteer and she told spirits of kids and Lincoln are still walking around the place. I Plan on returning very soon. I want to talk with that lady more, I didnt have as much time as I to hang.,I ll be back up there.

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