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Fox Hollow Farms

In July of 2018, the TIP team investigated Fox Hollow Farms located in Caramel, IN. Fox Hollow Farms is the former home of serial killer Herb Baumeister. Herb would pick up men at gay bars around the Indianapolis area and bring them back to his home and kill them. Authorities believe that he would either kill them in the indoor pool in the basement or the bar also located in the basement. He would then place the bodies in the woods behind his home (unburied). Herb committed suicide in Canada when the police started closing in on him. The police think he killed at least 12 people at his home. He apparently videotaped the killings but took the tapes to Canada where he disposed of them. The current owners said that they still find pieces of bone in the woods. It was later proved that Herb was also the I-70 killer responsible for another 50 deaths.

Once the team arrived at the location, we were greeted by the owner of the home. He gave us a very thorough tour of the property and home, showing us points of interest for the team to investigate. The woods, the indoor pool, the apartment over the garage and bar were our focus. This investigation had a different feeling from others because the deaths were more recent, and it was hard to wrap our heads around how someone could commit such terrible acts. We discussed walking down the basement stairs and thinking this is the last sight so many young men saw. The home and woods had an eerie feeling. We investigated all the hot spots using recorders, the ghost box and the Kinect camera. The only evidence that we captured was an EVP in the bar area that sounds like a man. 

The team was honored to be able to investigate this property that is known for its history and paranormal activity. 


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