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Mineral Springs

Mineral Springs Hotel, Alton Illinois, TIP visited the mineral Springs Hotel in Alton, Illinois in October 2020. The hotel has now been converted into a mall that hosts an oddity museum, a barber, and a Zen hippie store. On the hunt we had Paul, Lesley, Jason, Madison, Cindy, Deb, Emma, and Caroline. The history of the hotel goes as follows: upon construction the crew found a Mineral Spring and decided to make the location into a healing spa and hotel. There are two pools that were built for the hotel and are reported to be haunted by some victims of drowning. We investigated upstairs in the hotel rooms and in the pool areas along with in the reception area. It is believed that the Spirit of a woman who committed suicide in her hotel room haunts the upstairs area where the hotel rooms used to be. In this area we also had activity from a child spirit who likes playing with crystals. In the same area we had a spirit peeking through a doorway down a hall at us and was confirmed by several hunters. We were unable to debunk any of these occurrences. While the rest of the crew was sleeping Deb reported that she saw a woman in a blue dress going down the stairs. This was confirmed as common by the people who work at the mall now. She also saw the doors to the room we slept in opening and closing on their own. We could not identify any non-paranormal reason for this happening.

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