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Roads Hotel

On November 9, 2019, Paul joined our friends the Sorenson’s and other friends of theirs at the Roads Hotel in Atlanta, Indiana. This historic place is believed to have been built in 1893 by Abraham Kauffman. The hotel served as a layover for the railroad that passed through the business district. It was supposedly also a speak easy and a brothel. Many of the ancestors of the town state they had seen John Dillinger and Al Capone around the area. It is believed to be haunted by many spirits. Sightings have included apparitions of men, women, and children. Other ghostly occurrences have included disembodied voices, footsteps, lights turning on/off, and doors opening and closing. During the beginning of the investigation we kept having doors opening and closing on the second floor. We attempted to debunk these occurrences but were unable to do so. One interesting event was when Paul went to lie down in the preacher’s room, so named because a preacher was staying in the room when he went to the attic and hung himself. At the Roads you can sleep on top of the beds but not in the beds. Paul laid his sleeping bag out and settled in for a few minutes. He was wide awake after drinking too much coffee and being excited from the ghost hunt. A few minutes later he felt something sit down on the end of the bed. The bed even shook slightly with the weight. He looked and saw nothing, so he went to sleep. Upon reviewing the evidence, we also obtained some interesting EVP recordings that can be reviewed in our evidence section.

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