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Thornhaven Manor

Located in New Castle, Indiana, Paul took Brenda on her first ghost hunt although she has helped with other aspects of the club for quite some time. The house was built in 1845, Italian design. Indicated to be 3 bricks thick. There are three wells located on the property. Named Thornhaven by the current owner due to the number of thorn bushes and trees. There have been numerous deaths and even a murder on the property. The base camp room supposedly has the best EVPs so we spent time there. We spent much of our time in the living room area which is described by the owner as the heart of the house. We conducted EVP sessions throughout the house and a ghost box session in the living room. Paul did a thermal cam sweep of the basement area with no results. We did hear some interesting noises including the sound of something dragging. During the ghost box session I held up two fingers and asked how many were held up and got the response 2 (later, when listening to the recording there's two voices that say 2) Then I ask if the spirit wants me to stop asking questions and get "goodbye". When listening to evidence later we heard other responses to questions that we did not hear in person. I will add these to the EVP audio evidence page.

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