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Cheney Mansion

On February 29, 2020, TIP took a trip down to Jerseyville, IL to visit Chaney Mansion. Chaney Mansion was built in the 1820’s and was originally called the Little Red House. It served as a station for the Underground Railroad and slaves would hide in a false cellar until they could move onto the next station. The house became the Chaney Mansion once the Chaney family moved in and built onto the house. It served as a doctor’s office and also a bank. One of the more colorful characters that they believe still roams the house is PD Chaney. He was a very popular man around town and was known to like to have a good time.

The house now serves as the Jerseyville Historical Society and it has been beautifully and lovingly taken care of. The team that investigated that evening consisted of Paul, Lesley, Deb, Cindy, and Emma. This was Cindy’s first investigation with the team, so it was an exciting evening for all. Once we arrived, we were given a tour of the house. Earlier in the day, the museum held an exhibit on wedding gowns from times past. Mannequins were set up all over the house with different wedding dresses on, so we would get quite a fright numerous times through the night when we would switch rooms forgetting they were there.

TIP did a thorough investigation of the house using recorders, K-2 meters, Rem pods, an X-1 camera and a ghost box. We did not catch any evidence that night and the house seemed rather quiet.

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