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Thornhaven Manor

On September 8, 2018 Lesley, Christine and Paul had the pleasure of investigating Thornhaven Manor. Christine had been there previously on a similar investigation. Paul had taken his wife Brenda there on her very first ghost hunt last fall. The current owner, Steve, christened the house Thornhaven due to the number of thorn bushes on the property. In 2012 the building was purchased by Steve and he began to restore the property. The house has four staircases, seven doors that lead to the outside, four chimneys, two actual bedrooms and approximately 6,000 square feet. There are no hallways as each room opens to another. He refers to the living room as the heart of the house. There is also a barn on the property that looks straight out of the walking dead. There is no working bathroom in the house. The basement has three springs and what may be a tunnel used for the underground railway. The tunnel has just begun to be excavated. There was at least one murder in the home and other deaths. Steve had planned to live in the home but is not crazy to share it with ghosts. He personally does not interact with the spirits in the home as he is a self-described “scaredy-cat”.

Steve gave us a tour of the manor, afterwards, we gladly gave Steve a hand carrying in a gurney a mortuary had donated to him into the house. The gurney still had blood on it. Christine and Paul thought this was great, but Lesley refused to do anything but hold the door open. Afterwards we set up cameras and prepared for the investigation. It was pouring rain the entire night which made EVPs and going to the bathroom outside a bit difficult for the ladies. We held EVP sessions in all the hot spots. In the child’s bedroom there was a doll that would go off if you got close that scared the heck out of us. While taking a break we noticed an orb on our camera at the stairs going up to the second flood. While we do not put much weight on orbs this seemed different in how it changed directions and its size. Christine went to the stairs and it reacted to her being there by moving away rapidly. (it’s on FB and soon to be added to our webpage) We also captured some interesting EVPs in that area including one saying “there’s nobody here” in a voice that soundly like a man pretending to be a woman.

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