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Private Residence (2016)

On December 2, 2016, TIP did an investigation at a private residence. The home owner contacted us because on different occasions her dog would go into the upstairs master bathroom and bark and get very agitated at a certain spot in the bathroom. The dog when then become very protective of the owner and would stare into the bathroom very upset.

TIP conducted its investigation in the master bathroom and present was Paul, Lesley and the homeowner. The dog was kept outside during the investigation. The investigators set up two KII meters and recorders and conducted an EVP session. During the session we requested that if there was a presence there to please make a noise. At that time we captured a knock on the wall that the dog is said to concentrate on. We again asked it to please make that noise again and once again there was a knock. This happened a few more times and the knocks only happened when requested.

We would like to note that when we left that we were contacted by the homeowner that evening that when she let the dog back in it immediately ran upstairs and began barking at that same wall in the master bathroom very upset.

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