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Randolph Asylum and Infirmary

On June 3 & 4 2016, Paul, and the two Brandons visited the Randolph Infirmary in Indiana. Now this was advertised on Facebook as limited spots and $129 including dinner and breakfast. We don't usually go on this type of thing but we were curious about the place so we used it as a scouting expedition. Well, we relearned why we don't do these public hunts anymore. Not counting the team running the show there were 35 people. We had recently read they have had up to 49 people. You cannot ghost hunt with a crowd. The three of us were the only experienced ghost hunters. When you tell a crowd not to whisper they all whisper. One of the hosts did the flashlight thing. Problem was that they went off and on when he didn't ask them to. His response "they are reading my mind". The three of us slept in the basement shower room where they used to torture residents by giving them ice cold showers and throwing them in concrete cells naked. I will admit that at one point I felt like something was present. It is a cool place and TIP has booked a private investigation next spring.

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