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The Lake House Private Residence

On May 21, 2016 Paul had an unusual investigation since he had to fly solo because other team members were not available and TIP only had access to the site for a few days. The residence belongs to a friend and it had never been investigated. My friend has known for many years that the house is haunted by a previous owner. Apparently, after an argument with his wife, the previous owner had gone out to cover his boat with a storm approaching and gotten killed by lightning and his son was injured.

My friend’s parents bought the home as a summer home and my friend starting going there at a young age. For a while nothing happened or they did not notice. The children would find closet doors open that they had left closed but always thought the other had done it. Finally, one night the father asked them if they believed in ghosts. He had been hearing footsteps on the stairs when no one was there. Items would also go missing with no explanation. They all compared notes and realized something was going on. An interesting thing about the haunting is the original cabin was moved offsite and a new house was built. The haunting continued in the new house. Along with opening and closing doors and turning the lights on and off the spirit would say “I’m still here” in people’s ears. That saying seems to play a role in my investigation. According to my friend the two main hotspots are a bedroom and a staircase. My friend said they felt totally creeped out in the bedroom. I put night vision cameras on both the stairway and bedroom. I carried a recorder and put others in the bedroom, stairs and kitchen. While in the bedroom my whole body tingled with energy for the first hour so. I had some wild KII reactions to questions such as "are you still here". The KII did not just go to red but went back and forth in a blur of color for seconds. It seemed to react to any question about being there. I had done an EMF sweep before beginning the investigation and found nothing. While downstairs in the kitchen on break I also heard footsteps upstairs and other loud noises--not normal house noises. I have always wanted to investigate a location no one else has done and was not disappointed. Plus being alone added a whole new feeling to the investigation.

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