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Waverly Hills

On April 14, 2019, Brandon, Paul, and a potential new member and her husband investigated Waverly Hills. We have been there before so you can see previous descriptions for background information. Waverly is a bucket list type location and always fascinating to visit. It’s located in Louisville Kentucky right off a golf course and private residences. The owner and staff member told us they have had continuing issues with people just walking onto the property (during our last visit someone broke in through the death tunnel). There has obviously been much work done to the building since we were last there. We saw many new windows and just overall cleaning of the location. The four of us started off together but soon broke into two separate groups. The other group finished early and departed but Brandon and I stayed relishing the chance to investigate such an infamous location on our own. While in the death tunnel we heard a loud banging like gates closing at the end of the tunnel. Brandon investigated but found nothing down there. We spent time in the room where Amy and Adam from Kindred Spirits interacted with a spirit. We did not detect anything. The staff told us that investigators were getting ghost box readings in the main entrance area. They asked us to share what we heard. We did a ghost box session there and had difficulty with the box fading out—not the batteries. We heard the name “Nate” over and over and many cuss words It was unfortunate that the ghost box gave out quickly.

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