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Ashmore Estates

On September 30, 2017 Lesley, Christine and Paul investigated Ashmore Estates. Ashmore is well known as a ghost hunting hot spot located in Ashmore, IL. Ashmore is set up for paranormal investigations with two command center rooms and is pre-wired for cameras and DVRs. Since there were only three of us we did not bring our full camera set up and just went old school with hand held equipment. The three of us took photographs and then spent the rest of our time conducting EVP sessions. Unfortunately, Ashmore was very quiet that night and we did not obtain any evidence other then the picture of the semi-bald ghost hunting big foot featured in the photo above. We did have one interesting experience with a laser grid light. We set it up in a hallway and it began to spin slowly. We tried to debunk it but could find no reason for the light to be spinning. We did spend the night in one of the bunkhouses which is a nice feature of Ashmore.

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