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Myrtles Plantation

On July 17, 2017 Paul spent the night at the Myrtles Plantation in Louisiana just outside of Baton Rouge. Paul's daughter lives in NOLA so he has been taking advantage of visits down there to do some ghost hunting. Myrtles is a beautiful place and full of history. He rented the only suite on the first floor which gave him access to both verandas. The main building has other suites upstairs and cabins and cottages on the property guests can stay in. While spending time in his suite waiting for it to get a bit later for ghost hunting he heard a baby crying. He had not seen a baby during the day but people come and go so one may have arrived. He did EVP sessions on the verandas but did not catch any evidence. The next morning at a fantastic home cooked breakfast he mentioned hearing the baby crying. The staff told him there were no babies there. One staff member told him that it was not uncommon for people to leave in the middle of the night frightened. They would hear steps or voices and take off. Myrtles is open about it being haunted so I do not understand why people would go there and then leave when something happened.

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