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Beauty School

On October 18, 2014, TIP investigated a beauty school that is located in a building that was once used as a high school and then as an elementary school. The building was built in the late 1800’s and was originally three stories high with a basement that contained the gymnasium. The owner of the building began to experience unexplainable happenings when the building was undergoing renovations. There are reports of seeing shadows outside the boiler room door in the basement. Also, the boiler room doorknob has been seen to rattle on its own. The school has a camera security system that comes on when it detects motion and one evening it was activated and recorded for hours. The tech guy was unable to explain how this happened. Also, in the basement is a room that the owner refers to as the “fear room”. She notes that many people feel uncomfortable in there and will run through the room just to get out of there. In one of the class rooms on the first floor, the students complained of people walking and running on the floor above them. What makes this interesting is that the top two floors were removed many years ago, so there is no way anyone could be walking and/or running up there.

TIP had three investigators and two junior TIP investigators for this investigation. The team used the DVR system and placed six cameras in various locations of reported activity. A full-spectrum camera, EMF detectors and hand held digital recorders were used. The team investigated in all of the “hot spots”. In one of the lower level classrooms, while conducting an EVP session, a noise that sounded almost like a young girl’s voice was heard coming from outside the room. We were unable to debunk this noise. We also conducted an EVP session in the “fear room” and did an EMF sweep. The EMF detectors did not change or spike, ruling out our “fear cage” theory. We also conducted a ghost box session in this room and when asked, “How many people are in this room?” it did reply “five”. However it did not respond to any other questions.

The building is extremely old, so claims of unexplained phenomena is not surprising. We did experience a few things that were interesting. The TIP team hopes to investigate here again.

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