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Waverly Hills

On July 27 & 28, 2014 the TIP team did its very first investigation at the infamous Waverly Hills Sanatorium in Louisville, Kentucky. Estimates vary that between 10 and 60 thousand people died at Waverly during the TB outbreak in the early 1900’s. The smaller figure is most likely. Waverly is said to be haunted by numerous apparitions and shadow people as well as the “creeper”, a shadow person that walks on all fours like a spider. There are numerous stories about Waverly such as a nurse hanging herself from the door jamb of room 502 and a hobo falling down an elevator shaft with his dog. The “death tunnel” is a long concrete shut where bodies were supposedly wheeled down to vehicles so the other patients could not see them.

Five TIPsters led the investigation joined by 5 of our friends. Waverly is a ghost hunting Mecca and a genuinely creepy place. While team members with experience at Waverly began to set up the equipment the newbies took the initial tour and learned the new hot spots. When they returned they helped finish with our set up. We split into three teams and began our investigation. We tried to put a floor between each team so we did not have to deal with noise pollution. The first floor team started in the morgue and used K-2’s and recorders. The lead investigator crawled into the body tray in the morgue to see if he could generate a personal experience. Unfortunately he did not experience anything. The lead investigator from the next group also crawled into the morgue tray but did not experience anything. The team moved to the lobby area and then walked down to the “death tunnel”. To their astonishment the team discovered there was someone in the death tunnel moving towards them. While the team hoped it was an apparition it turned out to be a possibly intoxicated teenager. The investigators returned to their base while the Waverly staff swept the building looking for the intruder. The person was not seen again and does not show up on any DVR footage. When the team investigated the death tunnel they found a heavy duty extension cord coming through one of the ceiling vents. The person apparently had climbed down, and probably up, the cord. Unfortunately the intruder cost our team a good 90 minutes of investigation time.

Waverly was quiet that night. One team of investigators heard running footsteps on the fourth floor and a growl as well. Both noises were captured on the teams’ recorders. The other teams did not catch anything substantial. However, Waverly is always a fun place to investigation

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