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Professional Office in a Strip Mall

On August 23, 2014, TIPS investigated a professional office in a strip mall. The mall had been built on the site of what had been a farm house. Four TIPS investigators and one guest investigator were present at this investigation. The office has very recently underwent renovations. People employed there have reported hearing a child’s voice. The contractor that was responsible for the renovations, also reported hearing voices while he was working there at night.

The team used the DVR system, placing four cameras throughout the office space. Members of the team also used EMF detectors and handheld digital recorders. The team first investigated the front part of the office. A strange clicking noise was heard by the front desk and we were unable to discover what was causing it. It was heard twice throughout the evening and with all of the office equipment located at the front of the office, it is hard to conclude paranormal or not.

The team then moved to the back part of the front office and discovered that it contained very high EMF’s. It was almost impossible to find a spot in the room that did not spike the detectors. While conducting an EVP session, a little girl’s voice was heard audibly by the team members. We checked outside to make sure there was not children outside and found none.

The last room investigated was a back room. We experienced a few EMF spikes and some of the investigators claimed to see unexplainable lights.

Upon reviewing the evidence, we found many EVP’s of a little girl and of a man’s voice. We caught nothing on our cameras. There seems to be something going on at this office that is unexplainable.

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