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Jericho Convent 4/29 & 30, 2023

During our investigation at the Jericho Convent in Wisconsin, we initiated our exploration by sitting at the kitchen table, playing old hymns and reciting prayers in an attempt to provoke paranormal activity and capture Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs). While we observed some K2 meter fluctuations, there were no significant or unusual occurrences during this initial phase of the investigation.

Moving to the second floor, we set up a REM-Pod, hoping to trigger activity. Unfortunately, as the night progressed, we were unable to elicit any further paranormal responses. The investigation remained relatively quiet, with no other notable incidents.

However, it's worth mentioning that one investigator encountered an unexpected issue when their air mattress flipped over while they were sleeping. It's unclear whether this event was related to the spirits of the house, potentially reacting to the situation, or if it was merely coincidental. The cold, rainy, and windy conditions of the night also may have contributed to the overall lack of activity.

In conclusion, our investigation at the Jericho Convent did not yield substantial evidence of paranormal phenomena. Whether the location is haunted or not remains inconclusive, as we were unable to establish a definitive connection with the supernatural during our time there.

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