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Joliet Prison April 22, 2023

During our investigation at the Old Joliet State Prison, we conducted a ghost hunt in various areas of the facility. The East Block emerged as the focal point of paranormal activity. Within the jail cells, we heard unexplained footsteps, observed shadowy figures, and experienced encounters with "peepers" that seemed to peek out from the cell doors. Furthermore, we witnessed flashes of light that resembled phantom flashlights, reminiscent of what old prison guards might have used.

Our investigation extended to the hospital building, where we had a noteworthy interaction with a notorious tall shadow figure known as "Eugene." This figure is said to roam the hospital building, and our experience provided compelling evidence of its presence. In addition, as Paul walked across the prison yard with a volunteer he heard a yell. When he stopped to look the volunteer said “so you heard that too”.

The investigation at the Old Joliet State Prison revealed a series of intriguing paranormal phenomena, particularly in the East Block and the hospital building, adding to the mystique surrounding this historic and reportedly haunted location.

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