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Monroe House 3/25 & 26, 2023

Paul, Deb, Doug and Sherri were present for the investigation of the Monroe house in Hartford City, Indiana in March of 2023. The home was built in the 1860’s. It is rumored that no one was able to live in the house for longer than a year and that occult activity took place in the home in the 1990’s.

In 2014, a paranormal investigation team fled the house after an incident in the basement that they refuse to speak of. In 2016 Nick Groff and his show “Paranormal Lockdown” investigated the home calling it the “Demon House”. It was during this investigation that 100-year-old human remains were discovered in the crawlspace.

Our team did stay through the night. We spent time in the upstairs bedroom, basement, Ouija room, living room and upstairs doll room. The Ouija room was the most active for us. We did not get any video or EVP evidence but did experience communication with the dosing rods. Doug also felt a presence around him, and felt the floor move near him as if someone was walking around him. He was the only one to experience this and it continued to happen when he switched chairs. The ovilus was talkative including saying the name “Larry” in a sing song voice instead of the normal monotone voice the device uses. Right after this, we heard a crash in the kitchen. We were all in the Ouija room and upon investigating could find no source of the crashing noise. While investigating in the Quija room the Ovalis calls out a name in a weird voice. In addition, we all heard a loud crash from the kitchen but couldn't find what caused it.

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